The domain literally.info was created from a quirky array of words, we do however, solve a serious problem. Internet freedoms have be restricted in various forms around the world and we would like to lend a hand in fixing it. We believe that only a totally free internet, albeit operating under US laws, will allow the wisdom to grow and knowledge to spread. There are various forms of punishment to trying to evade internet filtering software so it's important to keep that thought in mind. Start using our anonymous surfing service to reclaim some of your lost personal privacy.

So what are our anonymous browsing benefits?
There are numerous advantages when using our online proxy software. Firstly, your internet connection will effectively be sphered inside our dedicated private server. We run a seperate standalone hardware firewall system to keep any possible attackers at bay. We implement a strong security policy throughout every aspect of our work and aim to maintain the highest privacy standards. Once your browser is in the virtual tunnel your IP address is changed to a computer based in America.

There are many times when admins simply slip up and add the wrong site to a block list. A company may become overzealous and start blocking otherwise useful research tools. Even a government monitor may step over the line in the need to suppress certain secret information. We want to end all that by giving every web surfer the full power and pure knowledge that the internet was designed to share. You can browse social networks, check up on daily news or study your favourite hobbies.